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Welcome to Athreon!

Transcription companies (TCs) seeking work may be eligible to subcontract transcription projects from Athreon. Athreon subcontracts transcription projects to qualified medical and non-medical TCs. For a TC to subcontract work from Athreon, it must meet the requirements below:

Transcription Company Prerequisites

  • Be willing to sign a service agreement.
  • Be willing to sign a HIPAA agreement.
  • Be willing to host a site inspection.
  • Be able to meet Athreon's security requirements.
  • Submit a work sample.
  • Complete an RFP.
  • Provide 2-3 professional references from transcription clients.
  • Be willing to transcribe from Athreon's Internet-based system.
  • Be willing to do speech recognition work or learn how.

 If your company meets the criteria above, we encourage you to apply!

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